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The True Crime Museum

Saturday 26th October

We are looking forward to joining Barri Ghai and the GPS team as guests at their public event at this amazing location. Tickets can be booked via their facebook page.

Tewkesbury Museum

Saturday 2nd November

This beautiful location will be where we will be hosting our public Halloween ghost hunt. The last time we were here we had some great activity.

Tickets are £25 and can be purchased at the public event section of the website.

The Ancient Ram Inn

Friday 15th November

We are really excited to be joining Enchanted Spirit Paranormal at their public ghost hunt event at one of the most famous haunted locations in the country. The few times that we have been to this amazing place it hasn't disappointed. We can't wait to go back!

The Old Bell Cellar

Saturday 30th November

We are back at this fantastic little location in Chepstow on 30th November. The last time we were here we had some great activity and we are going back for a public investigation. You can book a place via our public events section of our page. Just £20

Tudor World Museum (Falstaffs) Stratford Upon Avon

Saturday 1st February 2020

We are all so excited to be going back to this great location in February. This place is not only beautiful but incredibly atmospheric, a great snap shot in time.

This is a public event and can be booked for £30 via our public event section of the website.

30 East Drive

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

This is our first time investigating this famous paranormal hotspot and we can't wait. This will be a private investigation but we will be live streaming to you all on our social media throughout the night.

The Village in Mansfield

Saturday 18th July 2020

As one of the most famous haunted places in the country this building needs no introduction. We are offering a public event at this amazing place for just 15 people to join us for £30 each. You can book via the public events page on the website.