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Old Bell Cellar EVP

August 2019

This evp was captured during an investigation at the Old Bell Chambers in Chepstow. We were only a small team that night and this voice was none of the group.

Please be aware this clip contains swearing.

Woodchester Mansion Paranormal Activity

April 2019

This video clip was from an investigation we did with other experienced paranormal investigators. This particular night was incredibly active. After hearing several noises in the chapel including the door slamming shut we thought we would see if we could get the door to close on demand and we were amazed to capture this clip.

Woodchester Mansion Light Anomaly

March 2019

This small clip is part of 30 minutes of footage that we had from our vigil in the kitchen at Woodchester Mansion. As anyone who has been there will tell you there is plenty of dust flying around. After reviewing the footage and seeing plenty of dust particles we can tell you that this is not dust. We can not 100% say this is paranormal but what we can tell you is this is definitely not a bug and is completely different to the dust particles that I saw plenty of during the 30 minute footage. We definitely think it's interesting and we hope you do too. 

Woodchester Mansion EVP

November 2018

This EVP was captured during us calling out in the cellar of Woodchester Mansion. At this point in time the 7 of us that were there had heard several voices and moaning noises so we decided to do some voice recording. As soon as Claire hit record we captured the voice saying "There's a soldier over there". This voice was none of our group and absolutely blew us away when we heard it!